Take Stock- A Guided Reflection on Work + Life

At the close of a year that has rocked our world, many of us are taking stock. The massive shifts in how we live and work have prompted us to contemplate what we want from work and life.

Want to reflect on your life and work? Gain insight into how you got here and where you want to go?

This selection of exercises is a starter kit for inquiring minds.

The activities within will help you:

- Identify the domains of life to focus you want to focus on so you can set AND meet realistic goals.

- Reflect on what you learned about work from your upbringing to determine what is important to you now.

- Engage your creative brain to envision the future.

Together, these activities can provide insight into your present and offer clues to your desired future.

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* This product is for new clients only. 

3 Modules

Balance Wheel

The Balance Wheel helps you identify your satisfaction in various life domains. This helps you clarify priorities and goals and determine which areas of life to invest your time and attention to improve.

Family and Work Values

Many of us adopt our family's values about work without questioning if they are our own. To design a career that is authentically aligned with YOUR values, it's important to determine which ones truly resonate with you. 

Envision the Future

The goal of this exercise is to imagine the not-too-distant future as though it has come to be. Envisioning your ideal future helps you get to the heart of what you want. It can also lead to discovering new ways to bring it about.

Modules for this product 3
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