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Work and Family Values

Whether intentional or not, the values our parents, grandparents, caregivers, and siblings imparted significantly influence our beliefs about work. In this exercise, you will reflect on the values and beliefs that shaped you to assess how they influence you today.

Wheel of Stuck

The first step to getting unstuck is knowing what's sticking you.

This activity will help you be aware of the particular area(s) you might be stuck. With greater awareness, you can identify ways to move forward.

Focus on What's Going Well With Three Good Things

Three Good Things is an intentional gratitude activity that asks us to identify three good things that happened in our day. By dwelling on these three good things, we can shift our focus (even slightly) from what's wrong to what's right.

Best-Self Visualization

It's easy to forget who we are at our best. We focus on our faults, foibles and limitations rather than our talents and gifts.

This exercise uses visualization to increase awareness of who you are at your best. You will reflect on the exercise to further ground yourself in this knowledge.

Start With The End in Mind

Are you playing the long game in your career or just thinking about the next step?

I'm talking the loooong game. Like end-of-life-long.

This free activity aims to help you figure out your long terms goals so you can work back from there. 

Name Your Needs

Chances are you weren't taught to identify and ask for what you need. In fact, at work and in life, most of us stink at this.

But here's the thing: getting to the heart of what you need is critical to satisfaction in all facets of life.

This free resource includes a list of universal needs to reflect on, as well as questions to help you identify what's missing so you can design new options, alternatives, and possibilities to meet them.

Identify Your Micro-Motivations

Micro-motivations are the preferences that arise from the core of your authentic self. They are what make us lean toward certain topics, people, structures and environments over others.

Knowing your micro-motivations can have a massive impact on career satisfaction.

In this activity, you will begin to uncover your preferences to see how they might guide your career decisions.

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